nugrohoAs a national consulting firms association, members   of INKINDO do not only come from national consulting firm,but also from the Affiliated Members (international consulting   firms operating in Indonesia). INKINDO members are growing,   both quantitatively and qualitatively, as well as the services   and geographical coverage. When it was established, INKINDO only had 107 members in six provinces. Today, there are  8619    companies in 34 provinces in Indonesia. The significant increase of membership is in line with the growth of the National development activities. While the spreading of INKINDO members is encouraged by the improvement of development activities in the regions in Indonesia as a result of the regional autonomy policy.

INKINDO’s activities and programs are directed at the accomplishment of the organization’s targets, namely to create a conducive consultancy business environment, and to develop members’ competency through capacity building, development and priority setting to be able to support the National development and to create opportunity for competing globally. Therefore, INKINDO is more than just an organization that provides routine administrative supports (issuing membership card, certificate, etc.), but it also stresses on the development of the consultancy profession, increasing market penetration, empowerment and priority set of its members, and creating conducive consultancy business environment.

INKINDO’s growth from its beginning until now is influenced by the organization’s internal and external dynamism. As a consulting firms association, INKINDO realizes the need to continuously review its position, challenges, and the direction of the development of consultant service, while referring to the new national-oriented paradigm as well as adapting to global development.

INKINDO realizes that recent technology development has pushed globalization, that makes the world borderless. Many living aspects are globally interrelated. Globalization is an inevitable phenomenon. Economic globalization has made the traffic of goods, services, and business cooperation to be more intensive. INKINDO recognizes globalization as an opportunity as well as a challenge to progress and grow through collaboration with international partners. Therefore, INKINDO aims to develop international communication and cooperation with various parties and Institutions, based on the principles of fair, honor, mutual beneficial, and in accordance with the existing laws and regulations.

This book is a profile that present description of INKINDO. Hopefully it can improve INKINDO’s communication and cooperation with its national as well as international stake holders.

Jakarta,  Januari 2016

National Governing Council
National Association of Indonesian Consultants (INKINDO)

Ir. Nugroho Pudji Rahardjo