INKINDO as an association of independent Consulting Firms started its operation

as an National Association of Indonesian Consultants on June 20, 1979. Its

existence is even more strengthened after it was registered as a legal entity by

virtue of the notary deed No. 01/May 3, 2007, the decree of the Justice and

Human Rights Affairs Minister dated January 21, 2008, No. AHU-04.AH.01.06/2008.

All this shows clearly that INKINDO’s existence is indeed differentiated from other


  1. The unification of all Consulting Firms into one association is intended to develop

professionalism and consultancy practices in a more effective and focus manner,

as it is intended to promote the existence of INKINDO as the prime source for the

development of Indonesian Consulting Firms


  1. The existence of INKINDO will create development of professionalism of National

Consultants, since INKINDO also guide and develop its members in participating

in the National development toward the creation of Indonesia ultimate fair and

prosperous society